The Role of Machine Learning in Business

“I’m sorry Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.” — Hal 9000
In a short video vignette with Harvard Business School, UK Wired’s David Rowan discusses the coming revolution of machine learning in the world of Startups.

David says he gets to see a lot of startups, and there’s a new buzzword emerging; machine learning. Whether they make your coffee, do your laundry, or build robots, they’re all about machine learning.

But, according to David, there’s a downside. He’s not talking about robots taking over Terminator style and killing us all. He means the social effects of all this. He says there will be large job losses in some sectors. Speaking from the back of a taxi, he won’t even go into autonomous driving, though it’s actually going to solve a lot of problems. And save lives.

David notes a lot of this trend is cropping up in health care as well. Reading scans, monitoring your bloodstream, wearing devices which monitor your blood pressure and warn you in advance of potential problems. He says it’s the ‘machine’ that’s going to be tell us all this, and he says, that’s pretty good news. You can view his full comments here.

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