Is AI Coming for Your Job? 3 Things to Keep in Mind

An overwhelming majority of people believe AI will take their job. However, AI is expected to create millions of new jobs, much more than it replaces. Jobs that don't even exist yet.

In an article titled Will Artificial Intelligence Steal Our Jobs? the authors note at least 2.3 million new kinds of jobs will be created. Jobs which involve collaboration between humans and AI. They cite a study where automotive manufacturer BMW discovered when robot and human teams worked together, they were approximately 85% more productive.

These cobots, or collaborative robots, are specifically designed to assist humans. While the emergence of cobots is relatively new and quite expensive, companies are discovering the benefits of cobots outweighs the costs as cobots are designed to be safe around human beings.

And Puneet Mehta writes in Forbes the notion Artificial Intelligence is taking over all our jobs is simply "artificial."

He says AI will replace some jobs, but will more likely change the nature of the work humans do. Jobs will shift and evolve, not disappear. 

AI is best suited for automating repeatable, mundane tasks. Puneet says AI brings with it a paradigm shift and new skills are needed. He says the payoff will be astounding.

Rather than fear the Machines, we can embrace this new Golden Age by keeping three things in mind:

  1. Human/Machine Collaboration. We'll see big productivity improvements and enhanced performance not thought possible now as humans and machines work together.
  2. Cobots Improve Safety. New designs of industrial robots will work alongside humans, enhancing capabilities instead of replacing humans and taking their jobs.
  3. Jobs Will Evolve. PwC predicts AI will create over 7.2 million new jobs in the next two decades. AI will augment data analysis and aid in real-time decision making. 

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