Artificial Intelligence: 3 Things CTO’s Should Know

CTO’s play a significant role implementing Artificial Intelligence. There are both technical and non-technical considerations that impact real world AI solutions. Each consideration must also be weighed against the benefits and risks of AI.

In an article titled What CTO’s should know about ArtificialIntelligence Solutions?, author Darshan Chapanera points out CTO’s work at the top level of decision-making when it comes to the implementation of artificial intelligence systems. He notes CTO’s must understand it takes more than intelligent algorithms and structural codes to make machines work like humans. They need a balanced overview as to whether or not the organization really needs the implementation of Artificial Intelligence Systems or not.

Bob Gourley says in CTO Guide to the Business of ArtificialIntelligence that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the application of thinking machines to real world problems and it requires a practitioner view to see AI is far more than algorithms; there’s a wide range of technical and non-technical factors that must come together to see results.

When implementing artificial intelligence at the CTO level, it’s important to keep three things in mind.

1.       Technical Factors. There’s a host of key technologies that need tracking, like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and robotics; to name a few.

2.       Non-Technical Factors. In addition to tech, you’ll need to look at strategy, security, risk, and ethics. There are legal and regulatory considerations. Then there’s training and testing, operations and maintenance. Finally, you as the CTO, will have hiring, promotion and career management concerns in order to keep the ball rolling.   

3.       Due Diligence Assessments. On the sell side, you need to make sure your organization is using AI securely and ethically. Do you have insight into issues and mitigation strategies in place? On the buy side, you need to pay attention to how the firm you’re acquiring has implemented AI. You’ll want independent verification of AI ethics and security policies in place at the target.

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